Scour Protection

Scour Protection

North American Green’s Erosion Control Systems have proven solutions for your scour protection needs. Pipe outlets, channel bottoms and shoreline transition areas all present unique scour protection and soil stabilization challenges. That is why project designers prefer the aesthetics and safety offered by our flexible revetment mats — especially our ShoreMax® Transition Mats.

ShoreMax Mats can provide a cost-effective armoring solution in turbulent flow and wave attack applications while promoting vegetation establishment through their structure. The result: greater aesthetics and easier long-term maintenance. Regardless of what scour protection challenges and issues are involved in your project, you can be sure we have the solutions you need.

Erosion Scour Protection Applications

Whether your project is simple or demanding, requiring erosion control, sediment control or both, you can rely on North American Green's Erosion Control Systems including:

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