Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems

Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems

Anchor Reinforced Vegetated Systems (ARVS) installations are used to protect ground from erosion and add stability to the soil base using a combination of erosion control mats, ground anchors, and vegetation. This unique approach to soil stabilization can be used for slope stability, channel linings, shorelines, and other areas affected by extreme hydraulics or high-load potential.

North American Green offers a wide range of options to help you select and build an ARVS that is right for your application. Start by using our Erosion Control Materials Design Software (ECMDS), or contacting our technical support team to get started.

Falcon Anchor with HPTRM

Economical, top-end performance, with all the benefits of a vegetated design

Channel Linings Erosion System

North American Green has a solution for your extreme performance needs. Learn more about designing a site-specific ARVS system for your next project:

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