SediMax Sediment Retention Systems

SediMax Sediment Retention Systems

Unprotected topsoil, especially on slopes and construction sites, is vulnerable to sediment migration and runoff problems. Using the North American Green SediMax® System can prevent much of the damage and eliminate the costs associated with restoring slopes, rebuilding drainage channels, and dredging ponds and streams. The SediMax System products include SediMax-FR® Filtration Rolls and SediMax-SW® Straw Wattles.

SediMax Soil Erosion Control
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SediMax-SW (Straw Wattles) are economical alternatives to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control and stormwater runoff. 

Sedimax Soil Protection Products

The North American Green SediMax sediment control products create temporary, three-dimensional sediment filtration structures perfect for forest fire rehabilitation, bioengineering projects, construction sites, ski slopes, wetland mitigation, and other soil stabilization applications where storm water runoff is a concern. 

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